Ensuring your success from product conception through manufacturing.


Manufacture Test

Building Trust, Manufacturing Performance

Lowering the cost of testing by increasing test throughput and development productivity, while reducing maintenance and support costs is just as important to us as it is to your company. We understand that that manufacturing test is at the heart of your company and pride ourselves in providing the best possible design. Contact us and request a TestStand demo today and discover how we can assist you.


Process Automation

With Blue Ridge Test, Success is Automatic

Blue Ridge Test provides rapid design, development, and deployment of cost-effective solutions - increasing efficiency and providing a faster time to market. Our solutions provide enhanced human interaction. These solutions with real-time transparency and remote monitoring empower you to make better decisions. Whether your needs are a turnkey solution or customized automation of an existing process, Blue Ridge Test is committed to your company’s success.


Vision Inspection

Operationally Efficient, Fiscally Responsible

Decrease your labor and manufacturing cost by finding defects, ensuring presence and measurements of critical features using vision inspection. Blue Ridge Test specializes in developing custom Vision Inspection systems that can be integrated with existing systems or delivered as a turn-key solution.

From enclosure to lighting, we are equipped with the expertise to meet your needs. See how Blue Ridge Test can assist you by increasing quality and decreasing cost with a vision inspection system.



Risk Reduction, Satisfaction Improvement

Move your robotic automation project from conception to production with the help of Blue Ridge Test. Robotics brings reliability, accuracy, and repeatability to a process. Additionally, they often reduce production cost and increase product throughput while minimizing workspace risk.

As a systems integrator, we have the experience you deserve to provide a flexible solution that meets your needs. Whether a collaborative or work-cell environment, Blue Ridge Test can design and integrate the mechanical fixturing required. At Blue Ridge Test, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, so talk to us today to learn more about how a robotic system can enhance your process to provide a greater return in product satisfaction.


Deep Learning

Complexity Solved

Complex patterns and environments make it challenging for humans to perform tasks such as image defect classification or forecasting and proactively predicting the outcome of a scenario. With deep learning, Blue Ridge Test resolves tasks that are labor intensive or hard to predict. We develop and deploy a neural network for real-time or post-processing and integrate it into your workflow. Solutions are customized to your needs, giving team leads transparency into your system and an intuitive interaction for your operators. Talk to us and see how Blue Ridge Test can assist you in your complex issues.


Web App

Feature-Rich Designs, User-Friendly Interactions

We understand industry’s rapid changes and pride ourselves in web applications that provide real-time remote monitoring and control of your application. Whether hosted in the cloud, deployed on-premise, or embedded into your system, Blue Ridge Test can provide you with the flexibility, traceability, and transparency to meet your needs.

Our customized services provide secure logins for operators, dashboards, custom reports, analytics, and a tailored process to meet your requirements. We understand the need to support all forms of web and mobile applications, empowering you to take control over your process. Contact Blue Ridge Test and let’s discuss how your next web application can improve your efficiency.



Established with Experience to Deliver Accuracy

Blue Ridge Test also has the capability to calibrate National Instruments hardware. We provide rapid calibration of individual DAQ devices and complete test solutions custom designed by Blue Ridge Test.

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