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Data Acquisition

Precision Sampling Made Easy

daq card

DAQ (Data Acquisition) cards are instrumental in the development of low cost test & automation solutions. DAQ allows the generation and acquisition of signals without the use of costly dedicated instruments. Once the data is captured, LabVIEW is used to process and analyze the data.

Blue Ridge Test has experience with a variety analog and digital data acquisition cards, as well as counter/timer cards. Several of the form factors that we regularly work with are PCI, PXI, Compact RIO, Compact DAQ, FieldPoint and Compact Field Point.

Modular Instruments

Experienced with Instrumentation for Efficient Integration

spectrum analyzer

Blue Ridge Test has experience with spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, function generators, power supplies, electronic loads, dynamic signal analyzers, logic analyzers and other instruments.

We can automate your measurements required for manufacturing test. We also have experience in product design and verification. Whether you need to measure audio distortion, oscillator phase noise, transmitter EVM, synthesizer switching time, receiver IMD products or some other parameter. We can automate your measurement, collect the measurement data and assist in the data analysis.


Built for Speed to Deliver Insight


Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) combine the ruggedness and reliability of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), the programmability and performance of PCs and FPGA custom hardware flexibility.

Instrument Control

Versed in Protocols to Deliver Connectivity

computer circuit

We have implemented solutions with GPIB, I2C, SPI, ARINC 429, RS-232 and RS-485 communication protocols.

For GPIB communication, we use the National Instruments PCI-GPIB interface, the industry standard in GPIB communications. The National Instruments PCI-GPIB card and MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) allow for rapid troubleshooting and debugging of GPIB interfaces. *PC Card and Ethernet GPIB interfaces are also available. One key benefit of working with LabVIEW for GPIB instrument control is that the LabVIEW GPIB drivers allow for transparent changing between GPIB interfaces without any code modifications.


Utilizing standards, facilitating rapid solutions


Driving Your Control Application


LabVIEW®, a graphical programming language from National Instruments, is the preferred programming language of Blue Ridge Test for automated test and embedded systems. LabVIEW development environment provides tools to simplify the writing and debugging of software modules. Each VI (subroutine) is a stand alone piece of code that can be quickly validated and used for requirement tracking.


Accelerating your Test Time


Serving as the heart of the test stations, the TestStand test executive provides all of the common functions in test stations. Individual test modules are development in LabVIEW, LabWindows CVI, Visual Basic, Visual C++ or any language capable of compiling a DLL. TestStand can also interface to legacy code write in HTBasic.

Blue Ridge Test is able to reduce test design time as the TestStand process model allows the reuse of code for common tasks. These tasks include operator login, serial number scanning, report generation and database logging. Because TestStand is modular, the development of each test step can be independently tested and verified. TestStand also includes a procedure that allows for rapid deployment of the final solution to multiple test stations.


Elegant, Expressive, Powerful


C# programming language is used as the go to language for your web, desktop, or mobile application. Rapid enhancements and matured development of the language allows Blue Ridge Test to provide modern solutions addressing today’s evolving technologies and requirements.

.NET Core

Streamlining your Process, With Deeper Insight


.NET Core empowers Blue Ridge Test to create platform agnostic solutions so that your application can run anywhere. This feature rich framework allows us to rapidly design and develop your application. ASP.NET Core is the backbone of our web servers whether they are hosted, on premise, or running on your embedded device.

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