Blue Ridge Test offers rapid design, development and deployment of automated solutions using LabVIEW and TestStand


Blue Ridge Test uses state of the art CAD/CAM software for the design of mechanical fixtures and printed circuit boards. These state of the art tools give Blue Ridge Test a competitive edge in the design of test fixtures and printed circuit boards.


Alibre is a 3D parametric CAD tool used by Blue Ridge Test for the rapid design of mechanical fixtures. Using Alibre, we perform design, verification, and analysis of parts and assemblies for mechanical fixtures.

Altium Designer

Blue Ridge Test performs schematic capture, logic design, circuit simulation and printed circuit board layout using Altium software. Altium Designer is an advanced CAD package used for schematic capture and PCB design of the interface board between the test instruments and device under test. We also use Camtastic for the verification of manufacturing data.

Protel 99 Altium DesignerAltium Designer delivers to the electronic designer’s desktop all of the advanced features needed to meet the requirements of today’s complex PCB design - multi-sheet, hierarchical schematic entry, mixed-mode simulation, PLD design, rules-driven board layout, shape-based autorouting, signal integrity simulation, integrated document management and design team collaboration.

Altium Designer's superb schematic editor provides fast and smart multi-sheet hierarchical schematic entry with high quality output, and a choice from over 60,000 supplied and regularly updated schematic symbols.

The rules-driven PCB editor also brings a fresh approach to graphical printed circuit board design, combining manual and automated design in an environment that supports both the new user and the experienced designer.