Blue Ridge Test offers rapid design, development and deployment of automated solutions using LabVIEW and TestStand

Manufacturing Test

Building Trust, Manufacturing Performance

Lowering the cost of testing by increasing test throughput and development productivity, while reducing maintenance and support costs is just as important to your company as your value proposition or hiring the right people. It's about more than being competitive - it's about winning.

Manufacturing Electronics TestContract manufacturers and OEMs look to Blue Ridge Test to sharpen their competitive edge. We create best practice programs that interface with hardware, collect data, analyze data and share the results. Our test stations verify the manufacturing of the process, while our software solutions - developed with LabVIEW and TestStand - ensure performance and progress.

TestStand is at the heart of the test station. Used to develop, manage and execute test sequences, the TestStand test executive provides all of the common functions such as operator login, common user interface, reporting and test data storage. Blue Ridge Test has designed manufacturing test stations for biometric, RF communication and home medical devices using TestStand.