Blue Ridge Test - Biometrics Login Toolkit for LabVIEW
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Biometric Login Toolkit

Biometric Reader Fingerprint DisplayThe Biometric Toolkit is a plug-in for LabVIEW which enables functionality for managing enrollment, identification, verification, and diagnostics to create a more secure application environment. The toolkit also enables tracking application activity, down to recording the exact moment an action was taken.

For developers, an example is provided which demonstrates all aspects of the implementation. The toolkit supports multiple simultaneous LabVIEW projects and applications while restricting access to the fingerprint reader. Further, it launches all dialogs in VI Server to facilitate integration directly into any architecture without locking the code at run-time.  


The toolkit is configurable to be used for biometric login and/or login with username and password. Each user record will store a name, password, employee number, access level, and multiple fingerprint templates. The set of available access levels is also configurable. This functionality can be used to require specified access levels for certain tasks.


After encryption, a SQL server database is used for storing each user's login information. This schema is utilized in managing employee enrollment, storing/updating employee login data and fingerprint records, and verifying a correct user login. 


The toolkit is also complete with a diagnostic tool, which allows  validation of each fingerprint reader. The diagnostic tool checks to confirm operation of necessary drivers, sensor presence, software capture initialization, user input, image acquisition, and fingerprint template extraction. This level of detail allows quick validation and diagnosis of the biometric login system.

Fingerprint Readers

The Biometric Login Toolkit currently interfaces to commercially available fingerprint readers from manufacturers such as Microsoft, DigitalPersona, Bio-I Cyte, Biotouch/Futronic, M2SYS, and many more.

Watch an overview video demonstrating the functionality of the Biometric Login Toolkit